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Here are photos and descriptions of the people I have met on ¨The Way¨ - My heart was so warmed by everyone´s kindness.

Alvin and Jeremy -SINGAPORE

They gave me water when I most needed it on Day 1 Leon to Astorga.  I then met them again further on and they offered more which I took greatfully.  They told David at the top of a hill to look out for me because I was in need of some water.  They were really looking out for me too.
I met them again on Day 2 Astorga - Rabanal del Camino  and they said I looked so much better than the previous day.  We had a hug as we were all delighted and pleased to see each other.  I looked for them other days but we didn't meet up again.
I'll remember you guys


David Vidal Figuls -SPAIN

David gives pilgrims water, tea, juice freely.  He gave me watermelon as Alvin and Jeremy had told him I was coming.  What a beautiful oasis.
'twas the tastiest watermelon I ever had.  I stayed a while and chatted.  Thank you David.



We met on Day 2 Astorga - Rabanal just after my chain had locked.  I was tinkering about with it when he came along.  He was walking the Camino but told me he was a keen cyclist and knew about bikes.  He put the chain back on and went through all of the gears to test.
The second time we happened upon each other 2 days later Ponferrada - o cebreiro my chain had just locked/stopped again.  He, Wendy and some others were sheltering in a rest place under a shaded tree when I heard my name being called.  He again went through all the gears after tightening up the chain and cleaning it and took it for a test run - with his walking boots on. :-)  Thank you.

Wendy:  I hope you had no more pain with your foot after Alfonso took care of it.

Thanks Alfonso again.  It was indeed fortuitous/co-incidental that you were there - again......just when I needed you .....


Jurgen and Christophe-GERMANY

We met on Day 2  Astorga-Rabanal at the well-known focal point of the Iron Cross, Cruz de Ferro.
It’s a pole with a crucifix on top, stuck in a big mound of rocks. The story is that these rocks have been added one at a time, by visitors and pilgrims.  They laid stones from home whilst I was there.  The stones are plentiful where to some, it seems nothing else is. That is only an illusion though as there is plenty around.
Again I met them in a small village  after a scary hairpin descent of 4 kms.
We met again again on the mountain when I was getting out of a taxi with my bike at O Cebreiro.  I was ill and they helped me.  Thank you for beeing so kind.
It was a pleasure to meet you



Lia helped me push my bike the last bit of a trail where there were a lot of boulders.  She pushed the seat whilst I pushed with the handlebars until two guys saw us from the top and ran down took the bike from us, lifted it up to the top where they was a lovely cafe.
Lia, thank you so much, I was very hot and kept having rests and you gave me the help and the encouragement when I needed it most.

Alberto and Hector-SPAIN (Bilbao)

are from Bilbao.  Alberto is a policeman and Hector works in the Ferry Terminal. 
They were a great help taking  the bike from Lia and I up the last leg to the cafe next to the highway. We taught each other Spanish/English words.  When Alberto repeated the English words back to me it was with a scottish accent!  ;-)  I did explain to him that he was speaking in Scottish rather than English and that it sounded good.  I then "anglizised" the same words to let him hear the difference.  Thank you guys.


Annitta and I met along the road on and off when I was cycling past and kept saying "Buen Camino" until I saw Annitta at the side of the road.  We had a great conversation, swopping book titles - and a lovely rest.  Here is Annitta's website  www.annitta.se  Although she is Danish, she lives in Sweden.


Joannie and Pilar

Joannie and Pilar in her cafe just out of Astorga.  She was very proud of her bike that she went to Cuba on and showed me.  Some day she wants to cycle in Scotland.


I met Carol and Hannah whilst sitting in a cafe in Azrua.  Hannah is walking the Camino fundraising for Pancreatic cancer.  Her friend Heather always wanted to walk it but passed away from Pancreatic cancer recently.

Hannah is the god-daughter of Carol and is walking the Camino for her brother who had Bone cancer.  Her justgiving site is fundraising for Research for bone cancer UK.

I had a lovely conversation with both of you thank you.If anyone would like to sponsor Carol or Hannah please follow the links below:

JustGiving Bone Cancer

JustGiving Pancreatic Cancer



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