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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

camino-day2-AstoStartedrga to Rabanal del Camino. Started out well until reached stony track when realised my gears weren't changing and even cycling on the flat was difficult. then chain came off. Was putting chain back on when group guys stopped and offered help. they came from Santiago. After cleaning chain gears were engaging. then sandy track that clogged gears more. eventually seized. was cleaning again at side of the road when some guys in Rabobank Shirts stopped. recognised them as being dutch. Right behind them a Canadian guy called Alphonso stopped and suggested that we go through all the gears to make sure they were ok. He was a walker but also a cyclist. Thanks to all you guys. further along the way I met Alvin and Jeremy - group hug..... with lots of smiles. Started speaking to an Irish girl who studied law in Edinbirgh. Kept meeting her off and on the way. Rabanal is a small medieval village high up in the mountains. it's beautiful.
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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Camino day 1 Astorga57 kms-great long hard cycle on and off road. difficult to negotiate stone tracks with continuos hills. susan and were seperacontted at a medievel bridge early on. we ended up going the same way over the hills/small mountains... when you got to the top of one I thought i would see a downhill but cycled/pushed the bike up many! I ran out of water and was exhausted with the heat. Saw 2 guys and asked if I could have some of their water which they kindly shared with me. I offered to give them some food but they laughed and said no. they are from Singapore and are students and have wanted to do the Camino for some time. the sun was blisteringly hot. came across them again and asked for more water. The Camino is a special place and all that everyone said it would be... and more. I had several rests in the shade and kept wondering where the last climb would be. As I climbed the last stony one I saw a stall ahead. It was as if I was in the desert and came to an oasis. Well it was! An oasis of of drinks, fruit, tea, WATERMELON, kindness itself in the form of David. After giving me water and some watermelon we sat for some time and "chewed the fat". i had no money on me as Susan had my purse. It was then that I realised I didn't need any on the Camino. There is complete trust. David thank you, Benjamin and A thank you from the bottom of my heart. I took fotos which I'll upload later.

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Stage 3 leon. It's beautiful here with wee backstreets and large avenue's with many plaza's. weather around 23 c. nice to be outside and enjoy a beer/wine. first stage cycle tommorrow.Collected my Credential from an old Monestary. the old man asked if I was englese! I replied I was Scottish and he said...ah si, Gaelic!
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Stage 2-Hostal. we were 4 floors up but had one of these old fashioned caged lifts. my friend Francisco was on the phone calling for me when we arrived at the hotel. he showed us around Madrid. Tried to get a taxi from Hostal to the bus station but instead opted for thr Metro. got help down the steps from 2 guys. arrived bus station only to find that our planned bus was full. caught the next bus to Leon and arrived around 4. bike assembled an hour later. walked to Hotel.

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Stage 1 - EDI-MAD Noisy flight due to stag weekend but otherwise ok. bike weighed in at 17.5 kg. bike wouldn't go in any taxi's so had to book a people carrier. pouring with rain!
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Thursday, May 26, 2011

plans and yet more plans....getting my bike boxed today in readiness for taking on plane tommorrow

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

mobiles again~recd Samsung galaxy SII! what a machine! testing updating site on it. only problem is I can only type in subject field-so short messages from Friday on.. :-(fd
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Monday, May 23, 2011

Mobile Phones

Just wanted to say that I have just dealt with a great company on the phone today and talked to a lovely man called Francis.  What a gentleman. 

Up to the point of calling his company to enquire whether a certain phone was in stock, I had been  disappointed with 2 other online companies supplying mobile phones.  I had to cancel the phone from Company 1 through said phone eventually not being in stock.  (Not what it said on their website AND what an employee said in a chat window). 

Unfortunately, due to Company 2 shipping my order when they had already intimated they had no phone in stock and it would take 3 days, I cancelled my order from Francis.  Just wanted to mention here the company and to say "really sorry". 


I have promised to buy my next piece of hardware from them.

Thinking about ordering the :

Polar CS500 Cycling Computer with Cadence Sensor

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

many plans been made over a short period of time. Just want to cycle now..........
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Thursday, May 19, 2011


I'd like to dedicate this post to my friend George who I have known since School who passed away recently from Cancer after a hard fought battle.  He allowed me into his life again last year at a difficult time which was very humbling.

He was one of life's gentlemen, a smiler, gentle, serious, intelligent, strong, generous, a prankster and much much more .........  He had no regrets.  What a lovely thought to leave behind for his boys', his wife, sister, brothers' and friends.  For me, the thought just encapsulates George.

 George, I will hold onto that thought whilst on the Camino and beyond

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"Knobbly" tyres

Just read on the Santiago_Bicicleta Forum about the recommendation for "Knobbly" tyres on the Camino Frances.  Think I'll have to change my thinner road tyres back to my cross ones as many people are quoted as having punctures the thinner the tyres.  Seems like there is more "off road" cycling than I first thought (eek!).


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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bike/Flight Arrangements

Just arranged for the Bike chain to dis-assemble and box my bike next Thursday 26th before we fly off on Friday.  Have to get a bike shop to assemble in either Madrid or Leon as it's much safer than me doing it :-) .

My friend Lin is collecting the disassembled bike from the bike chain and then taking me to the airport next morning.  Thanks Lin.  Flight leaves from Edinburgh at 12:30 Friday 27th and we will be back on Monday 6th June.  Flying back from Santiago, via Stanstead to Edinburgh.

Got a quote for insurance, not bad considering what I have.  Am taking as little as possible due to taking bike lock, (heavy) and some tools.We are going self-guided which means that our luggage is taken from place to place.  :-)

Just can't wait to get on the road

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Chile Party

We had a fun evening raising £130 with more piling in.

The Tortilla making competition was great fun and produced loads of laughter.

The criteria was:

  • The roundest
  • The thinnest
  • The one that produced more bubbles and therefore cooked better

Mairi won 1st prize which was a bottle of Pickled Pears

Susan was 2nd winning a jar of Pear Chile Chutney

Lin was 3rd  winning the same as above

The "booby" prize was won by Alan which turned out to be NOT a booby prize at all as it was pickled eggs which he loves

We also had a Chile Smell-a-thon which everyone enjoyed.

Baby Isla was there too, wakening up now and again just to remind us she was present :-)

Mabye she wanted a taste too! ;-)



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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Feels like I've got a new bike

Bike is handling differently since the new handlebars have been fitted, however, I really like them.  Thanks to my local bike shop, the bikechain in Edinburgh for donating them.  They are eally appreciated.

I decided to take off the cleated pedals for now and swop them over for long distances and climbing mountains ..... :-) 

Getting ready to cook for the Chile Party tomorrow evening where the fundraising will start with a 2-course meal and Tortilla rolling competition.  There are around 10 people coming. Menu is:  Chimichangas, Smoked Pasilla Beef, mexican pork meatballs, roast potatoes with crunchy chipotle, Tortillas, Mexican green rice, chile sorbet, ice-cream, lemon drop jelly (chile and plain).

My first spinning class is tonight and I'm very nervous

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Monday, May 2, 2011

Susan to join me on Cycle

Just that....My friend Susan wants to come on my "mad cycle" across Spain.  We have had a "Project meeting" to discuss plan...... training etc  ;-) 

It's great to have her on board.  Thanks Susan.

I'm taking my bike for a service this morning and my bike shop are fitting butterfly handlebars which will help positioning my hands, wrists in different positions so wrist will hurt less.

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